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Multiplying E-mail Business #2


Hello and let's go on with setting up your Multiplying E-mail Business!

Today we have two separate tasks each requiring about 20 to 40 minutes. You can't do the second one before the first, but you can finish the first one, save the results and come back later to do the second one. If you don't have even that much time right now - just read this message to get an idea, save it and come back later.

It might be helpful (although not necessary) to print this message and have the instructions in front of you all the time.

Task 1.

Let's set up a free autoresponder to send YOUR e-mail messages the same way my messages are being sent to you. Go to and read their  - FAQs,
 - Features and
 - How does it work? sections.
If everything is clear (I hope this would be the case!), then go to - Join Now - Free section
and click on the Terms and Conditions (at the bottom of the blue form). Read and make sure you understand and agree with everything.

Next hit "Back" button of your browser (if you try to use their BACK TO CUSTOMER SIGNUP FORM link - it might not work) to get back to the blue sign-up form and complete it. IMPORTANT: Your Username will also be used as a part of your autoresponder's address. For example, if you select Username "joedoe", your address would be I hope you can do better than that! You can use the same e-mail address you used to sign up with all paid e-mail programs.

If the Username you entered already exists, you might have to try something else, maybe even several times. Don't worry, sooner or later you'll get it!

Write your Username down - you'll use it tomorrow while setting up your web site.

After successful sign up, use your Username and Password to log in. Click on"Message Control" and let's set up your messages:

- click "Add New Message" - in another window open your e-mail box and find my "Multiplying E-mail Business #1" message you received yesterday
- open the message
- highlight the text including the words  "Beginning of Message #1" and "End" by  clicking and dragging your mouse (do not highlight the rest of the message - it will be added automatically!)
- copy the selection by simultaneously pressing "Ctrl" and "C" buttons - go back to freeautobot window
- click your mouse in a big window called "Message:"
- paste the selection by simultaneously pressing "Ctrl" and "V" buttons
- click your mouse in a small window called "Subject:"
- type "Multiplying E-mail Business #1"
- click "Add Message" button at the bottom.

Now there are two messages and we have to delete one of them. Place check mark in the Delete column against the message called Autoresponse and click "Delete Checked" button at the bottom. Now there is only one message.

Let's add another one:
- click "Add New Message"
- go to your e-mail box and find my "Multiplying E-mail Business #2" message you received today
- open the message (if you are reading this from your screen then THIS is the message I am talking about)
- highlight and copy text including the words "Beginning of Message #2" and "End"
- go back to getresponse window
- click your mouse in a big window called "Message:"
- paste your selection in the window
- click your mouse in a small window called "Subject:"
- type "Multiplying E-mail Business #2"
- click "Add Message" button at the bottom.

Tomorrow you'll have to add one more message to your autoresponder, but with your experience that shouldn't be a problem.

OK, we are half way there. You can take a break now or go directly to

Task 2.

Next we would have to modify my Message #1 so that it contains YOUR links to all companies you signed up with yesterday instead of mine. That way, everyone who signs up using that message will be in YOUR downline and will be making money for YOU!

At this time you need to open another window with your e-mail box containing all "Welcome" e-mail messages you received yesterday. Also, you should be logged in into your autoresponder at Click on "Message Control". You will see two messages you copied earlier. We have to modify only the first one with the Subject "Multiplying E-mail Business #1":
- click "Edit" button
- in a big window called "Message:" scroll down until you see a string of dollar signs
- that's where the links are. The first link has:   in it and that's all you need to know. Go to your e-mail window and find the message which should be from

That's the one you need!
- open that e-mail message
Some will have a link for you to click on that takes you to the site; others will just show your log-in details, together with your referral link.

If your link is not shown in the email, you will need to log into the site, and click on 'Referral Links'. Your Link will be shown at the top. This is the one you need!

I created a new folder to my desktop called refferal links and saved all links inside it for quick copying.

- highlight the link by clicking and dragging your mouse
- copy the selection by simultaneously pressing "Ctrl" and "C" buttons
- go to window
- highlight MY link by clicking and dragging
- paste YOUR link over mine by simultaneously pressing "Ctrl" and "V" buttons.

Repeat this for every company you have signed up with yesterday and when you are done - click "Update" button at the bottom of the getresponse window.

Remember that the Message #2 does NOT need to be changed! The same goes for the Message #3 you will receive tomorrow. All you will have to do then is to add it to your autoresponder.

We are done for today!

Meanwhile, you can see how it works by sending e-mail to the address of your autoresponder. If you did everything right - you should receive YOUR own Message #1 immediately. Open it and click on every link to make sure they work. Your Message #2 will arrive tomorrow.


All you have to do is:

1) sign up for the free autoresponder at and email
me your Username and password so that I can access it;

2) email me your referral links for all 'get paid to read' programs you signed up from my first message.

I will install all three messages and replace my referral  links with yours.


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