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Multiplying E-mail Business #1


Thanks for requesting this information and welcome to the Multiplying E-mail Business! Right from the beginning let me tell you what to expect from all this.

On Day 1 (today), you will sign up with 30+ carefully selected companies. They all are free to join and offer the best value of all Paid to Read E-mail sites on the Internet.

On Day 2, you will set up a free e-mail follow up service (autoresponder) that automatically sends (on your behalf) messages like this one to other people.

On Day 3, you will set up your own free "Are you still reading Paid e-mails for Pennies???" web site and plug it into your autoresponder.

All this only requires very basic computer skills (point and click, open a file, copy and paste a text) and ability to follow very detailed step-by-step instructions. Besides, I am here to help - please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or problems you might have.


Let's get started..Plan to spend with me about an hour today. If you don't have that much time right now - just read this message to get an idea, save it and come back later.

It might be helpful (although not necessary) to print this message and have the instructions in front of you all the time.

I hope you agree that you cannot get paid by any of the paid e-mail programs unless you have accounts with them! So - that's what you will be doing today. The GOOD part is that almost ALL of these companies give you a little "bonus" just to sign up! By the end of the next hour, you are going to be over $100 RICHER!!!

Let me remind you that you need a dedicated e-mail address. YOU SHOULD NOT USE YOUR PRIMARY E-MAIL ADDRESS TO SIGN UP WITH THESE PROGRAMS!!!

If you do - your regular e-mail box will get full of the paid e-mails and you will spend a lot of time just to sort your mail.

You can get a free e-mail account from:

(as well as from million other places I don't even know about).

I also suggest using the same USER ID and PASSWORD whenever possible. This can make things much easier in the future!

Please note that by using PayPal account to collect your earnings, you'll "save a buck or two" on check processing fee. If you don't have a PayPal account yet, you can read more about the company here:

When you are ready, go here to sign up:

Now you can proceed to sign up with the following programs. If the links below are blue and underscored - simply click on each one and follow instructions.There are 26 get paid to read email programslisted here, you are not obligated to join them all. In fact,the top 15 to 20  programs could generate enough well-paid emails for you to earn $8,000 minimum per month and will take 30 to 40 minutes a day to work through. I review this list constantly, looking for the best effort/reward ratios available. If you want to spend more time on it, sign up with more.How is it possible to make that much money? By building a downline and being given a percentage of their earnings. If you are earning $1 per day, you have a downline and they are doing the same you will be earning over $8,000 per month.

Illustration using typical but conservative referral %'s

Level 1 (you)                  $  30
Level 2 (ten referrals)      $  75
Level 3 (ten referrals)      $ 450
Level 4 (ten referrals)      $1500
Level 5 (ten referrals)      $6000

Total                              $8055

If you and your downline do more you will earn more! If you build a wider downline you will earn more!

If you click on the link below and NOTHING happens - you will have to copy and paste every link below into your Internet browser "Location" or "Address" window.

Please note that long URLs (links) may break into two lines in some mail  readers. Copy and paste, should this occur.

Every company you sign up with will send you a "Welcome" e-mail. Keep all those e-mail messages in a safe place - we will use them tomorrow.


Ads only


Every company you sign up with send you a "Welcome" e-mail. Keep all those e-mail message in a safe place - we will use them tomorrow.


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