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Get Paid To Search

Welcome !!!  This page inform you of some of the extreme paying websites. Just click on the links and browse the websites at your own place. If you see one (or two or more...) that you would like to join feel free on the banner for more details about each program.The cost to you is nothing and the earnings will pay off with a little time and effort!! Enjoy!!

You will need an online bank (payment processor), Here you can get your free account from Papal, StormPay, E-Gold and MoneyBookers.

This page contains:
Searching Programs

Bookmark this page as a reference tool for the one that you have joined! Sign up for as many as you like. : )

Searching Program

Top Sites Referrals Payout Comments  
StingRaySearch 10% 5.00$ We pay our affiliates up to 80% of the total revenue earned from their search engine.

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First-Zone 5-4-3-2-1
Each Month You can earn $400.00 or more per month just by adding our URL with your Affiliate ID to your email.

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Last-zone 5-4-3-2-1
Each Month Having an active approach you can earn over $1,500.00 per month

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Search-Paradise 5-4-3-2-1
Each Month Make money with the Searching Paradise affiliate program. You can earn  $400.00 

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Quzy 20% Each Month Whit Quzy you will make 50% of the bidded price. With bidded terms going for $2.00+

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EnjoySearching 10% 3.00$ Put our search codes on your site and we'll pay you 80% of the bidded amount 

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SearchGarden 10% Each Month Join our affiliate program, even if you don't have website and make up to 
$500/month or more! 
Affiliates will earn 75% of every valid search  

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SearchWallet 10% 5.00$ SearchWallet will pay you 80% per click-through to a bidded listing.

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OmegaSearch 7% 7$ fast payout 7 days  
ProSearch 10% 5$    
SearchDrifter 5% 5$    
Pirate-Search 5% 10$    
SearchBeach 10% Each Month    
EnjoySearching 10% 3    
SearchDreams 10% 5    
TheSearcherz 10 5    
Gravity-Search 10 1.5    


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